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Duct inspection, cleaning and filter maintenance.

Duct cleaning

Delivery of home heating fuel, farm diesel and commercial diesel.

Duct cleaning

Fast and affordable furnace installation. Call now for a free esimate.

Duct cleaning

Same day furnace repair and maintenance

Duct cleaning


Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is a chore that most people forget about until the performance of the central heating system or air conditioning unit drops. Duct cleaning is a job that does not need performing frequently, but it is good practice to clean out the system at least every two years, preventing a build up of dust and debris. Most air-conditioning units and central heating systems should be tested by professionals regularly, so you can incorporate a duct cleaning regime into the maintenance schedule; both at home and at your work place.

The top five reasons your heating and cooling system and your air ducts should be cleaned as part of a regular home maintenance routine are: http://airductcleaning-phoenix.com/reasons-to-clean-air-ducts/

Fuel Delivery

Home Heating

Ask us about our automatic delivery program.

Using our degree-day calculator we can ensure you’ll never run out of home heating oil. You won’t have to monitor your tank levels, and you’ll never have to call us for a fill up, we look after it all.


We offer automatic or on-demand fuel delivery to your on-site fuel tanks. 

Furnace Installation

Installing a new high efficiency oil furnace can save you up to 25% on your annual heating bill. We sell and install the full line of Olsen oil and gas furnaces.

Furnace Maintenance

We recommend servicing your furnace every year, it prevents costly repairs and ensures efficiency.

For only $65 our qualified technician will do a complete check of your furnace, replace the filter, nozzle, and o-rings. Also, using a specialized SootMaster vacuum we will perform a furnace cleaning, to prolong the life of your heating system.